Monday, June 9, 2008

The NBA: Worst. League. Ever.

Block or foul? Depends on who the home team is.

Our boy Philips over at Rumors and Rants wrote a great blog on the officiating in Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night, and he says pretty much everything I was thinking watching that game. Boston clearly outplayed the Lakers, but some of the calls make fans wonder whether or not NBA basketball is a sport. Calling the game evenly on both sides, and letting the players decide the game is apparently too much to ask for that league.

NBA "fans" can count on the Lakers getting more calls at home, as Commisioner Stern needs this series to go at least five games so they can run crossover promos with The Dark Knight and Hancock. Maybe by then the players will be able to decide the game instead of getting key players into foul trouble by calling every single ticky-tac foul, but will it be too late? Kobe got whistled for brushing back Ray Allen's hand, just after he fought through a Paul Pierce screen only to be called for a foul after Pierce's flop are just two examples. Why not just stick both teams in tuxedos and film an episode of Dancing With the Stars or Survivor? It's sad, but that's what this league has become. Not sports, but spectacle as a marketing tool.

Keep preaching the gospel, 'Sheed (feel free to fill in the blanks yourself):

"All that (expletive) calls they had out there...A lot of them phantom calls, cats are flopping and falling all over the floor and they're calling that (expletive). That (expletive) ain't basketball out there. It's all (expletive) entertainment. You all should know that (expletive). It's all that (expletive) entertainment."

-Rasheed Wallace, on the Eastern Conference Finals Officiating

Trashing the league? $25,000. Speaking the truth? Priceless.


Liz said...

But see, when they make bad calls in favor of Boston, its a good thing. When they do it for LA tomorrow, it'll be war!

Dave H said...

With Boston fans, isn't it always war?

Red said...

Phillips is "our boy" now?

Dave H said...

It doesn't take much. The guy who just served me at Burger King is also "our boy".


d'licious said...

Paussy Gasshole better step it up!

Dave H said...

LOL, did you see Jack's face when he made that last tip in?

I guess we can put to rest the "Lakers getting Gasol was highway robbery!" talk, though.