Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Farewell old friend

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to say goodbye to one of the finer blogs ever to be paved into this information superhighway we call the InterWeb, but which was taken from us too soon by neglectful parents.

Pink Hat Nation came into this world in the summer of 2007 with all the promise a young sports Web log could offer. Funny pictures? Check. Passionate fandom? Check. Name with a meaning even the author themselves couldn't quite recall? Check. And for the first few months of its life, it flourished. Even gaining the occasional reader who wasn’t related to the site’s three main authors.

But then some time around the spring of 2008, due to a perfect storm of the Padres sucking, football season not being on, and the world of pop culture’s gravitational pull, Pink Hat Nation suffered neglect. Its own founders accept full responsibility, and apologize to those two people who still checked in every few months or so.

And so, on this partly cloudy November day, we say adieu to Pink Hat Nation. May your cries of “Heath Bell for closer!” “Play Eric Weddle!” and “You only hate the Red Sox because they’re awesome!” echo on into infinity.

Pink Hat Nation is survived by a sister blog, Gingers is the Watchword. In lieu of flowers, please read her, or send cash donations.