Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark Cuban: What. A. Douche.

Clipper Darrell: A stalwart at Staples

This has to be one of the most disturbing stories that has come out of the sports world for quite some time. For the past seven years, Darrell Baily aka "Clipper Darrell" has been a Clips season ticket holder, and is reknown for his courtside spirit during home games at the Staples Center. Darrell is a family man with four children, owns a Clippers suit, a Clippers car, and a special Clippers room to watch road games in.

I taught Mark Cuban everything he knows. Even YOU have a price, Clipper Darrell, HAHAHAHAHA...

Darrell's enthusiasm for his favorite NBA team did not go un-noticed at a recent home game against the Dallas Mavericks. In fact, owner Mark Cuban was most impressed, and in an unprecendented move (via ClipperBlog), has offered Darrell a job with the Mavericks to be THEIR "Number One Fan" :

The Clippers’ loyal and most recognizable fan, Darrell Bailey, AKA Clipper Darrell, might be taking his enthusiastic, crowd-leading voice to Dallas.

The (Orange County) Register learned Thursday that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has scheduled a meeting with Bailey, Jan. 25, in Dallas.

“He offered me a job in Dallas, to do the same thing I do for the Clippers,” said Bailey, whose day job is as an automobile customizer and salesman. He came up to me at the (Jan. 12) game and told me that he loved what I do. That shocked me.”

“I’m still loyal to the Clippers,” Bailey said. “That’s my team. But it isn’t every day that a billionaire knocks on your door. I have to go out and listen.”

Absolutely unbelievable. Not only does this place Mr. Baily in a compromising position, but what kind of message does this send to Mavericks fans? That they're lame and not doing a good job? Well he's right, Mavs fans suck, and let's keep it that way. And although there is some anti-Darrell sentiment amongst some season ticket holders, the reaction to what CD does has been generally positive. Don't do it Darrell, Clipper fans need you!

Bill Walton, in the San Diego Clippers glory days

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do I Have to Watch?

I'm torn about the Super Bowl...on one hand, I'm tired of New England winning everything. On the other, I hate Eli Manning. Since he refused to come play in San Diego (and had 60,000 people scream "Eli Sucks" for 3 hours the first time he played at Qualcomm), I've loathed his stupid ugly face. I really hope he loses abysmally and has to spend years regaining his confidence and remaining inferior to his older brother. Which, I guess, means I'm rooting for the Patriots. Geez. I just feel dirty...if Seacrest weren't "hosting" the Super Bowl (whatever the hell that means) I might skip the game all together...

Wednesday Morning Crotch Shot

For those of you who have not been ice-blocking, it's quite an entertaining activity. Unless you get hit in the crotch with a huge bag of ice. This doesn't look all that painful, so please enjoy:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confessions of an Angry Red Sox Fan

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Actually, that’s bull. I’m wicked mad.

Red Sox tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. EST on Saturday, and I dutifully got out of bed a little before 7 a.m. PST and got on my computer. And my phone. For four hours. And got nothing.

I couldn’t get through. The Web page refreshed and refreshed, only to keep putting me in the “virtual waiting room.” I re-dialed and re-dialed my phone, only to get busy signals. I watched as the final games of the season sold out. I saw games around the one I wanted get reduced to standing room only. I finally got through on the phone, only to find there were only scattered seating tickets left in the price range I wanted. There may have been $90 seats available, sure, but I was trying to buy tickets for my whole family, and $90 a ticket just wasn’t feasible. A few things in my apartment got kicked.

Fans of other teams don’t want to hear this complaining and I don’t blame them. They’ve endured the endless media chatter about the Sox, they’ve seen us win two World Series in four years, and they always hear us brag about Fenway, the “lyrical little bandbox of a ballpark.” Tough cookies if we can’t get tickets, what else do we want? But seriously, isn’t there something that can be done? Be it another, bigger stadium, a little less hype around the team or perhaps – just perhaps – fewer corporate giveaways that gobble up tickets and give them to out-of-town business clients who could care less about the game in front of them?

I wanted to take my family to a Red Sox game for my Dad’s 60th birthday this summer. It’s a Friday night game against the abysmal Orioles who the Sox play approximately 15,630 times each season. Five years ago, this would have been tough, but certainly not impossible. Now it’s impossible. And it sucks.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Kevin Love will probably not be wearing Nike's in the near future.

-University of Oregon fans are bitter thatn UCLA center Kevin Love "defected" to So-Cal. Some Oregon fans sent him nasty text messages before the game, but the Bruins got the last laugh, taking down the Ducks in Eugene. [Bruin Nation, Bruin Basketball Report]

-It's officially a done deal, Chris Webber re-signs with the Warriors. Will Nellie and C-Web play nice this time around? []

-Padres GM Kevin Towers is still looking to acquire a corner outfielder, likely via trade. [San Deigo Spotlight]

-Tulane running back Matt Forte garnered Senior Bowl MVP honors in Mobile, Alabama this past Sunday. While not blessed with breakaway speed, Forte is a tough inside runner. The Cleveland Browns are eyeing him in case negotiations with incumbant Jamal Lewis fail. [Dayton Daily News]

-The Tecmo Bowl simulation for the Super Bowl is out. Won't tell you who wins, but the Giants lead at halftime...[Armchair GM]

-Helix Highlander Update: The Alex Smith camp has contacted the Brady family, and inquired about using quarterbacks coach Tom Martinez to work with Alex in the offseason. Apparently the Niners have not been working on mechanics with the young QB. [Michael Silver's Morning Rush]

Retired Helix jerseys at the SD Hall of Champions

Happy Tuesday, and here is you Insprirational Sports Quote of the Day:

I go out there and get my eyes gouged, my nose busted, my body slammed. I love the pain of the game.

-NBA Legend and all-time rebounding champ, Dennis Rodman

Friar Fest '08

This weekend, I attended SD Padres Friar Fest at Petco Park. It was pretty rad. Started in the Padres clubhouse (I saw Heath Bell's jock. Dunno if I liked it or not). It's funny how similar the clubhouse is to a normal working office...with silly memos posted on the signboard that no one ever reads...except they have kick ass flat panel TVs and exercise equipment to make an inmate jealous.

We also toured the field. This was my first time on an MLB field (except for when the Pads played at Qualcomm, but that field has seen more action then Paris Hilton) and it was pretty awesome (would have been better without all the dumb kids running the bases, but I suppose I can't be picky). Kinda made me feel all Field of Dreams-y.

Because I am lame, we got there after all the autograph sessions (well, except for McAnulty and some new dude I didn't that doesn't really count). I'd really been looking forward to meeting and confessing my undying love for Maddux or Kouzmanoff, but I was too late. Now they may never know...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

After Loss to New England, NFL sends Chargers to Olde England

The 600-foot tall Jamal Williams robot, set to invade London next fall. It craves destruction, chaos and French Fry Burritos.

The NFL has just recently announced that next season's Saints home game against the Bolts has been moved overseas to England, and will be played in Wembley Stadium as the Giants and Dolphins did this year. Last time we treated/subjected them to the infamous giant Jason Taylor robot hanging out with Christian Slater. PHN has already received several insider reports about the game, one of which is that the 2008 animatronic Jamal Williams robot, will indeed, fart fire. We also learned that London was NOT Commissioner Roger Goddell's first choice for this season's international suare. Here are some of the other venues that were considered:

Tokyo, Japan

The Marketing Plan: Pay Ichiro to attend game wearing Mariners jersey, add Human Tetris to halftime show.

The Snag: Fans are still bitter over Bill Parcells' "Jap Play" comment, and Arizona Cardinals stealing logo design from Japanese national flag:

Rome, Italy

The Marketing Plan: Use cross-promotion dollars from Papa John's to convince Italians that American pizza is truly superior.

The Snag: The only NFL players fashionable enough to be allowed in the country are Tom Brady and David Garrard.

Sydney, Australia

The Marketing Plan: "We can beat the bloody hell out of each other, too!"

The Snag: Slim possibility for local ratings, Russell Crowe's "Fightin 'Round the World" airs on Sundays.

Berlin, Germany

The Marketing Plan: Free admission as compensation for inventing the Bratwurst.

The Snag: Populace is bitter at America for NBC not re-casting David Hassellhoff in new Knight Rider series. A certain dictator was also a Cowboys fan, apparently.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have fun with those Super Bowl plans!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good...

Oh, what could have been

That's right Warriors fans, guess who could be making a Bay Area comeback? None other than All-Star Forward and airport weed-smuggler Chris Webber. According to Marty McNeal of the Sacramento Bee, Don Nelson might even have plans for retired point guard Gary Payton:

Word on the street says Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson has been seen at Chris Webber's Natomas restaurant, Center Court with C-Webb, twice recently. That only could mean Webber and Nelson are considering the completion of the ultimate full circle and a Webber return to Golden State.

They beefed big-time 14 years ago while both were with the Warriors, but perhaps it is true that time heals all wounds, even gashes.

Stay tuned. With agent Aaron Goodwin representing Gary Payton as well as Webber, could the former Skyline High School (Oakland) guard be far behind? Baron Davis, one of the league's best point guards, needs rest, and Payton surely could fill that backup role.

Gary Payton, an NBA Jams original

This could make some sense for the Dubs, as they have just picked up point guard C.J. Watson aka "The Quiet Storm" from the NBA Developmental League in an attempt to bolster their depth at the position. Al Harrington (my MAN) and swingman Kelenna Azubuike have both stepped up, but neither are pure power forwards. The veteran rebounding and passing instincts that C-Web brings to the table could mesh well off the bench. If this team has one glaring weakness, it's giving up offensive boards to the opposition.

As for The Glove, besides his obvious defensive contributions, he would add another dimension of smack talking to the Golden State roster. Pull the trigger Mully, it will make this year's playoff meltdown all that much more spectacular!

Fun Fact: Donning the Thunder costume at Warriors games actually counts as community service time for parolees and troubled Oakland youths.

In parting, and in the continuing spirit of 90's Bay Love, please enjoy John Mayer jamming to the Souls of Mischief classic "93 'Til Infinity" :

Have a great weekend, people.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Major League Baseball: Now Hiring...

For those who have not visited Minnesota Twin side-arm reliever Patt Neshek's website, it is really worth checking out. Whether or not you are a fan of baseball, Mr. Neshek's page is filled with all kinds of interesting odds-and-ends about playing in the big leagues, and life as a professional athlete in general. And if you are a sports trading card enthusiast, Pat is more than willing to trade with you via snail mail!

Anyways, Pat has been cool enough to post the initial "job applications" he filled out when "applying" to be a major leaguer. Here is a page from his Baltimore Orioles application (with a few more to be found on his site):

No wonder the Orioles suck, even in 2002 they were wasting time with typewriters. And see Mom, people who don't use white-out CAN be successful!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NFC Championship Recap: One Fan's Perspective

This is some crazy shit, props to New York Giants blog Big Blue for actually noticing this. One of our fellow contributers to this blog, Red, is huge on Coming to America, so I deemed this worthy of a post. Watch below, as McDowell's employee (and erstwhile prince of Zamunda) Akeem predicts the outcome of last Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Oblong ball goes through big "H", Giants of New York defeat Packers of Green Bay:

Most ripping, indeed.

MLK Link-o-Rama

Thanks to Philip Rivers for a balls out post-season

-Peter King dissects the Patriots/Giants Super Bowl, gives Philip Rivers props for playing without an ACL, and recommends Wolfgang Puck's new dark roast coffee. He also gives thumbs up to the Tilted Kilt, a franchise brewpub where waitresses dress like Scottish whores. Very intriguing...[]

-For NFL draft junkies, things are getting exciting with the Senior Bowl coming up. In the early stages, it looks like the Chargers may have interest in (among others) Virginia Tech wideout Eddie Royal and UC Berkley safety Thomas DeCoud. [BoltHype]

-Donald Sterling admits what every Clippers fan (and yes, they DO exist) already knows: he's a shitty owner. [Construda]

-Gaucho hoops update: Alex Harris goes nuts again, this time dropping 31 points and five threes on Cal Poly, keeping them above .500 in conferance at 3-2. They continue with conference play, hosting Pacific and UC Davis back-to-back at the Thunderdome. []

-A clerical error made by the Golden State Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart left 6th man/thug Matt Barnes out of the lineup. The Dubs still defeated the Bucks, and Barnes got a chance to fill up on appetizers. []

-A new big wave champion was crowed at the 2008 Maverick's Surf Contest. All the face-melting highlights to be found here. []

-And on a final, tragic note, Kenyan marathoner Wes Ngetich died in his home country of Kenya today. He was shot in the chest with an arrow, apparently caught in the crossfire of rival tribe violence. [The Final Sprint]

Hope everyone had a great MLK day. Love instead of hate, for reals.

Boot it!

Maybe it’s the growing possibility that we’ll all be out of work in a few months because the economy is tanking. Maybe it’s the fact that my allergies are making me constantly feel like I have to vomit. Hell, maybe I’ve just had the New England Sports Madness bleached out of me by the persistent California sun. Whatever it is: I’m really embarrassed by my brethren right now.

By “my brethren” I’m referring to other Boston sports fans, who are currently having a collective conniption fit because Tom Brady was spotted in New York with one of those temporary cast boots on his foot. Everyone is freaking out that (A) he might be hurt and (B) while hurt, he’s cavorting with Giselle the Supermodel rather than getting fixed.

To which I say: Get a life.

The Patriots organization has invested millions in Tom Brady over the past decade, and if he were really hurt, they would make him stay in Foxboro and get treatment. Plus, Tom Brady himself really, really wants to win the Super Bowl. Believe me sports fans, no one wants this perfect season more than he does. If his foot were hurt, he wouldn’t be out on it.

The thing that’s really bugging me though is how much people (including New Englanders) get on Brady for dating Giselle. The guy’s won three Super Bowls, owns the single season touchdown pass record, and is really good looking. In short, he is a superstar. And that’s what superstars do – date other superstars. Does it look bad that he broke up with other girlfriend shortly before it came out that she was preggers? Yes. But you know what? That happens. He took responsibility for it, was there at the birth and everything. I doubt he’s the only player in the NFL to have a baby with a woman he’s not dating anymore.

The Patriots have two weeks before the Super Bowl. The players aren’t expected to be back with the team until later this week. Until then, they are supposed to take time and rest and clear their heads. I have actually heard that Brady lives in New York, so he’s just going home, and while there, spending some time with his girlfriend. Yes, his girlfriend is a supermodel. What, would you prefer he was dating you, Joe Patriot Fan?
I hate to say it, but you all look like provincial imbeciles. So Brady is banged up. He does, after all, play football for a living. And so he’s dating a model. He is, after all, a famous guy. Let’s all relax, comb through the Want Ads for more secure employment and say a prayer for Heath Ledger. There are way more important things going on in the world right now folks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Nation Divided

As all three of our regular readers have probably figured out, two of us who write for this site are San Diego fans, and the other is a Boston fan living in San Diego. Usually we all play nicely.

But this weekend, with the Chargers and Patriots taking each other on for the AFC Championship game, things are tense here in the Nation. It’s brother against brother - er, brother against sister, since Dave is the only guy – sister against sister, blogger against blogger! The stakes are high: San Diego has never won a championship in a major sport. New England is trying to become the only team to go undefeated since the NFL went to the 16-game regular season. Pink Hat Nation has never had a weekly staff viewing of The Wire in which one or two of us have wanted to kill the other(s), as I suspect will happen after the game.

I’m going to take the high road and just say, May the best team win. But if that team is the Chargers, so help me God…..

PHN Playoff Breakdown

B-B-B-B-Baby you aint seen nuthin yet

First, let's get the NFC Championship game out of the way. After breaking down film and talking with myriad experts, I have formulated a solid prediction of the Green Bay vs. New York Giants game: Stuff will happen, somebody wins, final score something-to-something. Great, now we can move on to the epic Clash of the Titans (if you ask the national media, there's really only one Titan in this game). Unlike other blogs and mainstream media, we at PHN actually go INSIDE the game, to bring you key matchups that will determine the outcome of the game.

Matchup number 1: Philip Rivers' Mouth vs. the entire Gilette stadium

Let's see, I'm gonna tell Vrabel he's a pig-humper, multiply that times 2...

This is probably the most important matchup of the game. The Chargers are 2-0 in contests where Philip trashes the opponent and/or it's fans, and I would even go so far as 3-0 if you count the "come an git sum" hand motions to Raider fans in Oakland. While the health of his knees are will determine whether or not he plays, it's the health of his tongue and vocal cords that could very well determine the outcome of this game. "Ya'll go home and eat sum flippin clams, yeeee haaaa!" How someone's trash talking is this effective sans profanity, I have no clue.

Matchup number 2: Eric Weddle vs. Wes Welker

It's no secret, when teams take away Rand Moss, Wes Welker is the main man. His three yard catches followed by a 5-yard Blanka-style roll eat up crucial yardage and keep drives going. Readers of this blog know I'm a huge Weddle fan, he has the speed, strength, versatility and awareness to at least hang with Welker in the slot. No doubt they will sometimes blitz Weddle to create some confusion (hard to do with Brady), but if E-Dub can stick with the Welk, it will be a huge part to stopping the Patriots.

This guy's a little bee-snatch

Matchup number 3: Moss vs. Crime Time

This is huge. This could be the Chargers secret weapon, the ability to leave Randy Moss in single coverage and focus on rushing Brady and stopping the other Patriots receivers. Cromartie winning this matching could mean the difference between touchdown scoring bombs, and 5 play drives ending in a punt. The man is a physical freak of nature, maybe the best athlete in the NFL, and a protype DB to stop Moss. But will the Cro-Man bite on the cleverly designed Patriot routes and double-moves? Probably so, but it's going to be fun to watch them go up for jump balls.

Grand Larceny!

Matchup number 4: Refs vs. Chargers Defense

Anybody that has watched the Patriots this year can attest to the fact that merely brushing a New Enlgand receiver with a hangnail downfield or subjecting Tom Brady to your extreme halitosis can result in a game-changing penalty. And anybody who watched the Colts game saw that it was one of the worst officiated games in recent memory, with most of the calls going against the Bolts. E-Weezy gets called for a hold killing a Cromartie return, while just the day before Welker springs Maroney for a big run with a blatant fist-full of jersey. How Phil Luckett is still employed after fucking up a coin toss, we'll never know. Far be it from a blogger to speculate on hidden NFL agendas and how they play out on Sundays, but a lot of what we've seen this year reeks. The Pats will not change their game plan, but the Chargers need to make sure and time their hits right to avoid the piss-colored hankie.

Matchup number 5: LT and Gates/Buster Davis vs. the Ghosts of Chargers Past

It's no secret, Rodney HGHarrision and Senior Seau are both old and slow. Just go back and look at Senior trying to cover Bryan Westbrook against the Eagles, it looked like a bad game of tag. The Bolts need to exploit these weaknesses on offense. Circle routes and middle screens to LT may be effective, and pretty much anyone in the slot will be able to burn Harrison, including Gates and rookie Buster Davis. They were both able to burn supposed Denver "shutdown corner" Champ Baily in two earlier games versus the Donkeys. And of course, Charger fans all remember the nice send-off we gave Senior, and his "I'm not retiring, I'm graduating" speech, only to come back to the Pats the year after a heartbreaking playoff loss to them. Strange bedfellows, indeed. But he is a U$C Trojan, so what else did you expect?

Goodbye Junior, time to institute the "Early Bird Special" at your restaurant

Whew, that was intense. Not to say that these will be the only important matchups of the game, but these are the ones that stick out in the minds of the PHN NFL editorial staff (basically, me). Please enjoy the game, and feel free to check these predictions on Monday, and leave a comment about how swart we are!

And one final note on the NFC game, let's not forget about this ultimate d-bag moment:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tony Romo drank all the Coors Light

Pretty funny as Coors Light parodies go, coming via FanIQ. But let's not forget the Mike Gundy-spawned parodies either (bonus points for the Miller Chill reference):

And now for your PHN Inspirational Sports Quote of the Week. This one is dedicated to a man that we all look up to, a human being we strive to be, the immortal Kurt Rambis:

“A lot of guys have idols. Mine is Kurt Rambis. I want to be like Kurt. He is the ultimate role player.”

-Former NBA forward and Dennis Rodman Posse member, Jack Haley

Monday, January 14, 2008

Photoshop Phun: The Re-match Edition

An epic showdown, Hatriots vs. Chargers, it was bound to happen. From Ocean Beach to Lemon Beach, SHOW ME YOUR LIGHTNING BOLT!!! (Shout out to the old skool Nifty 650 listensers, when Jim Rome was still good).

More, slightly less juvenile analysis to come in the week, but for now, please enjoy this awful Photoshop job.

*This is no way implies Tom Brady is gay, secretly prefers men, and/or eeirly stares at Wes Welker in the shower. Now this guy, on the other hand...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chargers beat Colts, Weddle is a maniac

The road to the endzone goes through 32. Believe it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Sir, step away from the Cock!"

Even great Cocks like Foghorn are bound to suffer a grizzly fate in the end.

One of my original intents upon starting this blog was to delve deeply into the sordid world of Cock Fighting. It's a sick and inuhmane practice, one that needs to be exposed for the true harm it causes. The following is an excerpt from a report filed by an undercover agent with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Cock Fighting. The damage to our children goes beyond statistics:

"Behind the indoor bleachers was a snack bar. I didn't have much of an appetite by now but I checked out the menu. Sure enough, fried chicken was on the menu. So was everything else familiar to those of us who frequent bowling alley snack bars; Tater-Tot potatoes, nachos, and hamburgers. Children played under the bleachers just like I had at high school football games. It was a bizarre 'family atmosphere'. "

What kind of message is this sending, serving fried chicken at cock fights? It's plain and simple, we're telling our kids that if you can watch something fight, you can eat it, too. So now every time they see a commercial for a boxing match on TV, they're going to ask "mommy, when do we get to eat fried people?"

"Kicking the bucket" takes on a whole new meaning for losing cocks.

Thankfully, something is being done about the problem. Just a few days ago, Miami-Dade County police arrested thirty people in one of the biggest cock-fighting busts in recent history. Sgt. George Llambes of the organized-crimes bureau describes the crime scene where two dead cocks were found:

"Fresh blood on their sides and necks. . .One of the guys that ran took his rooster. . .It was kind of funny. He grabbed his rooster and threw it in a box."
Just brutal. This ends the PHN Public Service Announcement of the Year. Please, if anyone you know is involved in the harmful or illegal use of cocks, contact your local authorities.

My trip to Punjabi Cock-Fest, 2007. Best beer garden this side of the Ganges!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quick Hit of the Day: NFL Coaching Trees

Don Coryell, inventor of the "Short Shorts, Long Passes" offense

As a connoisseur of flowcharts, graphics, pie charts, Venn diagrams and the like, I was curious to see what existed on the web as far as visual representations of the various NFL coaching trees. Surprisingly little, as it turned out. The Bill Walsh tree (derived from Paul Brown) found on Wikipedia is perhaps the most impressive, and includes some unlikely names such as Jack Del Rio and Bruce Coslett. Also included are the Schottenheimer and Parcells trees.

Notable omissions per the article are Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, Chuck Noll, Chuck Knox and Joe Gibbs (who, along with Mike Martz are from the Don Coryell tree).

Below is small Chuck Noll tree to be found on, which seems to skip over Schottenheimer:

Overall, I am highly disappointed by the half-ass google web and image search I conducted. Anyone in the blogosphere that has a more comprehensive tree, please post it, so I don't have to photoshop it myself.

Peace out, Obama 4 prez.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Linkage

LT jumps for in for a TD, gets his first career playoff victory over the Titans

-San Diego Union Tribune columnist writes about the relief of Charger fans after the win. Good to see some fans dishing out ceviche at the tailgate. []

-UC Santa Barbara falls to the Matadors of Northridge (as they probably will in the Big West tournament), but the Gauchos are still off to their best start in 15 years. Swingman and Bay Area prep star Alex Harris is also leading the conference in scoring. []

-The Chicago White Sox made a move to acquire a big bat by trading for A's outfielder Nick Swisher. The question is: can Billy Beane re-tool again, especially after trading ace Dan Haren. [A's Drumbeat]

-Former Dodgers GM and current Padres front office assistant Paul DePodesta discusses Moneyball, team chemistry and building a winner in Petco. [Gaslamp Ball]

-Matt Vasgersian shows love to the blogosphere while announcing the Fiesta Bowl. [Awful Announcing]

Have a great week everybody, and here is your PHN Inspirational Sports Quote of the Day:

"Show me a man who is a good loser and I'll show you a man who is playing golf with his boss."

-LA Times sports columnist Jim Murray

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lords of The Bling

With the NFL playoffs upon us, everyone is asking the question: who can beat the Patriots? It's sure to be a tough task for the other AFC playoff teams, but there is still hope.

Peyton Manning, if you are able to drop the Ring of Power into the volcano, I will treat you to some of the finest ales in the Shire! Garrard and Rivers, my faith in you is strong, but odds are you'll be rolling around with TreeBeard instead of playing in the Super Bowl.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. As you can see, TOTALLY stoked to have Photoshop.