Thursday, August 21, 2008

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We were so GOOD together! (sob)

-FYI, Cal Football Fan Fest is this Saturday. Come out to support the Asian American Bone Marrow Donor Program and maybe even meet Marshawn the dog! [Bears With Fangs]

-With John Smoltz and Tom Glavine both sidelined for the year with injuries, new Dodger Greg Maddux appears to be the "Last Man Standing" from those great 90's Braves ptiching staffs. And don't even ask me what Steve Avery and Mark Wholers are doing right now [Bugs & Cranks]

-It's been on TV, but in case you missed it, Chargers receiver Chris Chambers lobbies to be on your fantasy team by amazingly catching three balls thrown at him from behind. Pretty sure this is real. I mean, the guy has had only like, 15 years of playing football to practice this trick! [Bolt Hype]

-Clippers' center Chris Kaman declares that he "is not a traitor" for being on the German team for the Olympics. [ClipperBlog]

-Minnesota Twins pitcher Pat Neshek gives rave reviews to the recently released Topps Allen & Ginter trading card set. He pulled a Vlad Guerrero game-used jersey card, and special inserts of Cleopatra and the Mako Shark. [On the Road with Pat Neshek]

-Kevin Martin might be the only person that wishes Ron Artest was still on the Kings. That's only part of a nice interview with the rising star. [Sace Bee Kings Blog]

-Four words: Olympic. Lego. Sports. Villiage. So rad. [And One]


words words words said...

Lego Olympic Village is the coolest thing ever. EVER. And I'm not just saying that because Legos (I'm sorry, "Lego Bricks", please don't sue me, Lego Group) were my favorite toy.

And One said...

Not sure if you saw the follow up story. Chiukeung, from HKLUG, sent me a note; after his name he lists his title:

LEGO Ambassador


Dave H said...

HAHAHA. Holy crap, that's too much.