Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More evidence that being an SD fan sucks

Sadly, LT was forced to place his ESPYs on ebay to afford Padres tickets and an extra nacho cheese cup.

Forbes magazine just published a "study" discussing the worst sports cities to be fans in. Not only do they take into account how good the actual teams are, but the cost of attending a game relative to the average household income.

According to the study, only Miami is worse, probably due to the extremely high cost of living and attending an vent. But the fact that the Heat have recently won an NBA title you would think could offset that. In any event, here are the top 5, feel free to re-order the rankings or make a case for another city via comment. In parentheses are Forbes' rationale:

1) Miami (teams have combined to win just 40% of their games, tickets and concessions are the seventh-highest rate among 29 major sports metros.)

2) San Diego ($300 a game for a family of four; .425 combined winning percentage for the Chargers and Padres)

3) Indianapolis (a lower-income market with middle-of-the-road ticket prices)

4) New York (second-highest prices in the country for teams that lose just over half their games, the Super Bowl champion Giants not withstanding)

5) Cincinnati (The Reds are headed for their eighth straight losing season. The Bengals' 11-5 record in 2005 was their only winning mark since 1990. Yet costs for fans run higher than in Denver or Phoenix, whose teams have gone well over .500 this year).


Liz said...

But we have great weather! WE HAVE GREAT WEATHER!!!

Dave H said...

Well then at least we deserve some kind of "Awesome Weather" championship! That would be like, winning the world series right?

Liz said...

Sure it will. Sure it will.

words words words said...

It's only going to get worse in San Diego when Merriman's knee goes all Scanners in, oh, let's say Week 5.