Monday, September 8, 2008

Baseball is Still on Too, You Know!

Yesterday, while the entire universe was watching football, I was watching the #2 pitcher on one of the worst teams in baseball almost throw a perfect game. The Padres' Chris Young had a no-no through the 7th inning. Everything was looking good. CY was pitching like a machine (throwing only, like, 7 pitches in the 6th inning), no one was talking or even looking at him in the dugout (apparently Jake Peavy went into the clubhouse and wouldn't come back out), excitement was building (in my apartment anyway).

Then, effing Tony Gwynn...freaking "Mr. Padre"...announces in the bottom of the 7th, "Hey! Chris Young is throwing a perfect game. There's never been a perfect game in Padres history. blah, blah, blah. I'm Tony Gwynn and I don't know when to shut up." Then, the idiot that is Steve Quis joined in, "I'm glad you said it Tony. People are very superstitious about baseball, but we need to report what's happening on the field because people are apparently morons and can't simply look at the box score to see what's happeneing." Then, and you're gonna be totally shocked when you hear this, Chris Young came out in the top of the 8th and gave up a Home Run to the second batter he faced.

CY still acompished something major. He showed he's still got some serious stuff and I was proud of the Padres for an afternoon, but Tony Gwynn is dead to me for at least a week.


Liz said...

OMG really? That sucks! Seriously, those announcers (even Fat Tony) are morons. You can make it extremely obvious to the fans what's going on without expressly saying it. You keep showing the box score and scroll the camera along the scoreboard, zeroing in on the 0 in the hits section. I can't believe Tony of all people mentioned it. He was probably the guy who kept talking to the pitcher during the game.

Dave H said...

Someone should have brought him like 40 pulled pork sandwiches in the 5th inning to keep him busy for the rest of the game.

But seriously, that is so Padres.

If the San Diego Chicken was in the booth, he DEFINATELY would not have said anything.

words words words said...

I think only teammates are not supposed to say anything. I've heard announcers talk about a no-hitter or a perfect game in progress a lot. But I want to fit in here, so I'll just say, "You suck, Tony Gwynn!"

Dave H said...

Seriously, Francis. Agree with everyone or we'll steal your lunch money over the internet.

Yes, it's possible, that's how bad-ass PHN is.

words words words said...

I brown-bag it, Dave. Suck on THAT.