Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Weekly Weddle: A Sweet INT

That one was for the haters.

So after two weeks of getting burned on the last play of the game (last week by Eddie Royal on a play that never should have happened, by the way), Weddle gets his head in the game and intercepts that one guy who's playing quarterback for the New York Jets. He's never in the media so I forgot his name, it's like Geroge Brett or something, but the letter "V" is somehow involved. Either way, it was a night of solid coverage and and a few hard hits in the secondary. Although he WAS knocked backwards by the Jets kicker in an attempt to recover an onside kick, he must have just lost his balance or something (one of those Merriman/Jones-Drew deals)

Anyways, midway through the third quarter said QB mis-reads a route with his receiver and lets the ball sail high. Just before it hits the ground, Weddle swoops in to make a diving catch. That's what the man does, he makes plays. Just in case you missed it, here's the clip (why this highlight is set to Icky Thump, I have no idea) :

Moreover, another blog known as Vegan Fish Tacos has espoused their own "Weddle Corollary" as it relates to players in the NBA Draft:

"The Eric Weddle Corollary: Players who do not have the 'sexiness' as draft prospects (typically because of physical attributes) but just love to play the
game and produce regardless.

(note: Eric Weddle was a defensive back for the Utah football team who had no draft hype originally but has already become a starter in his second year in the NFL)."

As you can see, Eric Weddle's influence reaches far beyond NFL Football. Tune in next week to read about Weddle and how he influences dark matter on the quantum level (if he so chooses)...

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