Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Out of Hibernation Links

Honestly, this blogging stuff is hard work. Right up there with folding laundry and holding a conversation with your parents. Thanks to my fellow PHN contributers this blog did not wither, but instead flourished, albeit in a "dry and browning iceplant" kind of way.

But here we are, with baseball season starting again, the NCAA tourney in full swing and the NBA season (mercifully) coming to an end. Crack your knuckles people, it's time to waste some time on the internet!

-Thanks to Bolthype for posting the ESPN "Chargers on the Clock" video.

-Random notes: Chase Headley sent down to AAA and Kyle Frandsen out for the year. The Padres and Giants will now have to wait to find out that these guys suck anyways. Shane Victorino will take Headley's roster spot.

-Frisco loses a draft pick for tampering with free agent Lance Briggs, via Niner Cap Hell.

-The Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card set won't be out until July, but here are some cool photoshopped mock cards for 2008, via Cardboard Junkie.

Peace out, and look forward to our baseball picks.

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