Friday, March 28, 2008

MLB '08 Season Predictions

It's here! Sweet baby Jesus, it's finally here! The baseball season kicks off this weekend, and we here at Pink Hat Nation have our predictions for how it'll all turn out.

NL East: Mets
NL Central: Brewers
NL West: D Backs
Wild Card: Padres

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: Indians
AL West: A's
Wild Card: Those damn Yankees

World Series Matchup: Mets vs. Indians
Winner: Mets

AL East: (damn) Yankees
AL Central: Cleveland
AL West: Anaheim
AL Wild Card: Detroit

NL East: Mets
NL Central: Chicago
NL West: Diamondbacks
Wild Card: Padres

World Series Matchup: Chicago vs. Yankees (aka Good vs. Evil)

Winner: Yankees, in a big reminder to everyone who's forgotten why they hate the pin stripes.

NL East: New York
NL Central: Brewers
NL West: D Backs
Wild Card: Dodgers

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: Detroit
AL West: Angels
Wild Card: Indians

World Series Champ: Detroit Tigers

AL MVP: Grady Sizemore
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander

NL MVP: David Wright
NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy

Suck it in Mags, Dave thinks you're a champion.


Dave H said...

Dear Liz,

Please revise your AL West pick to include the "Los Angeles/Thousand Oaks/Huntington Beach Angels of the greater Anaheim and Fullerton Area," as this is our correct name. Thank you.


Mr. R. Monkey

Liz said...

Dear Mr. Monkey,

Until they move the stadium over the county line into actual Los Angeles territory, I refuse to call the Angels anything but the Anaheim Angels. I am willing to bend a little and go back to calling them the California Angels, should that option come back on the table.

Yours in Christ,