Monday, March 24, 2008

Play ball! (For two days. At 3 a.m. PST)

The Baseball season technically starts tonight with the Oakland A's and Boston Red Sox duking it out in the Tokyo Dome! Wooooo!



OK, I know: Only Red Sox fans, A's fans and millions of Japanese people care about this. And no one cares about them. So, Pink Hat Nation will be unveiling its picks for division, wild card and eventual World Series winners later in the week, closer to the actual start of the season on Sunday, March 30. (Braves vs. Nationals in an evening game. The Sunday Night game on ESPN. What, you don't count the season until your specific team starts? God. OK, fine: Closer to when the actual season starts on Monday, March 31. Happy?)

Ah, is Matsusakason signing balls? No. Well, did he at least touch this ball? Look at it? Was it in his presence? OK, whatever, just give it to me blond pitcher man.

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