Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heath Bell for Closer

Yesterday, I came across this heartwarming tale about Tony Gwynn Jr. and Trevor Hoffman (basically, to sum up, Trevor sucks in big games). So to celebrate pitchers and catchers reporting today, I am starting a campaign to instate Heath Bell as the Padres closer (because, you know, I have so much say in these things). Sure Trevor has more saves then anyone in history and okay, fine, he loves San Diego and is good for the city, but let's face it, if Bud Black left Heath Bell in while in Colorado, the Padres would have gone to the series.

Who's with me?


Dave H said...

For sure, it's time for Heath "Hell's" Bells.

El Tiempo del Trevor es muerto.

Liz said...

Trevor is an awesome guy, but for realsies, he'd work better as a setup guy or middle releiver now. Someone in the organization has to grow a pair and get it done.

Dave H said...

Of course not, he is their main marketing tool.

That's how the Padres work, marketing first, baseball second. It's the Mao-esque "Cult of Hoffman" that exists in the front office.

Ted E. Bear said...

Totally agree, but then again Heath doesn't have a 100 ft. mural at PETCO Park.