Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Joey H talks Football and Smurfs Communist Theory

Putting the Joey Heisman gameface on to represent Harringtons around the world.

Last Friday, Atlanta Falcons quarterback and University of Oregon legend Joey Harrington appeared on NPR Radio's "Not My Job" show, in which "interesting people come on to answer questions about uninteresting things." Apparently he is a fan of the show and those who have followed his career know him to be an intelligent young man who plays piano with such luminaries as Third Eye Blind and John Popper. This also makes (some) fans and players think he is kind of a wuss. Either way, here are some highlights. It's pretty refreshing listening to a conversation with an athlete conducted by a non-member of the sport media:

-Joey H. and the hosts joke about NPR's listenership in NFL locker rooms, or lack thereof.

-Joey H. talks about having to "find the fun in the game" in the professional ranks, as opposed to playing the game at a younger age.

-Joey H. tries not to talk bad about quitter coach Bobby Petrino, but wonders why he couldn't "take a deep breath for seventeen days" and finish the job.

-Joey H. answers Smurf trivia, and listens to a guy in the crowd for the right answer. The guy quits after two questions, Petrino joke ensues.

-Apparently the United Nations made an anti-terrorist film with the Smurf Villiage getting carpet bombed

-Joey H. answers the final question right, corretly citing the "Smurfs as Communist Propaganda Theory."

Good job, Joey, as I myself (a fellow Harrington) have cited this theory on many occasions, several while inebriated. The leader wears a red cap, everybody is assigned jobs and they are at constant conflict with the capitalist pig Gargamel. Connect the dots, people.

Always a pleasure to hear from you, Joey, we'll always remember that scrappy college QB with the heart of a champion.

Teaching youngsters how to unleash their inner Harrington.


Red said...

I've heard this Smurf/Communist thing before, but what does that make Smurfette?

Dave H said...

Great question. According to one Smurf-unist scholar, she's a communal wife:

Now, to end the character resemblances, I bring Smurfette to the consideration of the reader. Smurfette, the only female on the television show for the first few seasons, is the communal wife described by Marx in The Communist Manifesto. Marx states "The Communists have no need to introduce free love; it has existed almost from time immemorial".

d'licious said...

He should be teaching kids how to release their inner Harlington or if he wants to get crazy their inner Harringtarian. That would be something to see.

Dave H said...

"How to Sleep until 3 PM, saturate your body hair with 2 gallons of cheap cologne and eat dining commons Double-Doubles"

By Davosgan Harringtarian

That was a sickening amount of UCSB inside humor. Yalla!