Monday, December 31, 2007

No Time for Calls of Perfection (yet)

Watch out, Tom

It's important, in times like these, to keep one's head.

When your football team goes unbeaten in the regular season and your quarterback and wide reciever both break two of the games most hallowed records (on the same play!) it's important not to get caught up in talk of perfection. After all, nothing is perfect. For example, if the Patriots lose in the playoffs, everyone will forget how good they were and just call them choke artists. Far from perfect

An even better example: apparently Tom Brady didn't like "No Country for Old Men." Throw all the touchdown passes and flash all the swoon inducing smiles you want sir, but no one who doesn't appreciate the virtuosity of that film can ever be called perfect.

Great arm, great eyes, poor taste in cinema.

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Red said...

Tom is obviously a complete moron