Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Pros and Cons of being Perfect

With the Steelers beaten, some people think the Patriots are a lock to go 16-0 on the regular season. I am not yet one of those people, but in the spirit of speculation, here’s the pros and cons of being 13-0 with only 2 pretty bad teams and 1 above average team left to play (and yes, there are cons).

ProNo Losses. OK, that sounds like a biggest “duh” ever written, but seriously, you can’t overstate how nice it is to never come into work Monday morning thinking of all the would of, could of should ofs from the day before; or to look at your teams schedule on the Web site and see nothing but Ws. It’s really unbelievable.

Con The Loss Could Come Later. Do you have any idea how slim the odds are that a team will go 19-0? Neither do I, but I know they’re miniscule. As the team goes further and further along without a loss, it only increases the odds that a loss will come in the playoffs. Going 16-0 and getting bounced in the playoffs would really suck.

ProThe Attention. The rest of America is sick to death of the Patriots, but as anyone who lives out of their favorite teams market knows, it can be tough to fully keep up with your team. You don’t get to see all the games and don’t always have time to scan the Internet. When your team is losing, this is even harder because the national media isn’t paying attention. When your team is gunning for history, the national media piles it on, and for exiled fans, it’s almost like being home again.

ConThe Attention. Bill Belichick is a master at shielding his players from everything that’s going on around them, but he couldn’t shield them from 3 consecutive night games. The Patriots performances against Philly and B-more proved the schedule took a toll.

ProRecords Might Get Broken. Aside from 16-0, or even 19-0, the Patriots are on the path to some individual records this year too. Tom Brady could break the single season touchdown pass mark, and Randy Moss could break the touchdown reception record. If the team still has a chance at perfection, Belichick – the ultimate team-over-individual guy – will leave keep putting his starters out even with the playoffs locked up. This will increase their chances of getting those records.

ConPlayers Might Get Broken. Regularly, Brady, Moss, Harrison and a few others probably wouldn’t even play the last few games of the year. But if the perfect season is still on the line, they’ll have to.

ProA Place in History. The 2007 Patriots have a chance to be recognized as the greatest football team ever and finally wipe that smug look off the ’72 Dolphins’ faces.

Con The Bigger they Come, the Harder they Fall. Every team is gunning to take down the Pats now, and its only going to get worse in the playoffs. If they lose to the Colts in the AFC Championship, or the Cowboys or Packers in the Super Bowl, their place in history will be as the biggest chokers ever. And that’s no fun at all.

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Dave H said...

Losing at home in the playoffs against a heavy underdog is fun!

The best part is the "imaginary punch to the gut" feeling as time expires.