Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Craig Sager: What's Your Deal?


Longtime NBA viewers have seen him. Baseball fans saw him during last season's postseason baseball coverage by TBS. And many people, myself included, wonder: what the fuck is your deal, Craig Sager? Do you get a kick out of your wardrobe? Do you wear hot pink and neon green polyester thinking that it will make for great high definition TV or a better interview?

Watching tonight's Hornets vs. Spurs game yielded surprisingly few clues. There was Craig, wearing what looked to be a suit made of burlap that probably cost over , I dunno, 2 G's. Is that how much an expensive suit is these days? According to wikipedia, the man worked as the Northwestern University Wildcat mascot, and has three children. Other then that, the world knows nothing about what motivates his insane fashion sense. BUT, PHN has pieced together some evidence via youtube. Maybe YOU can crack the Sager Code and figure out what makes the man tick?

Baron Davis, stunned by the Warriors colors ensamble:

KG says he has the retro look all wrong:

Steve Nash, handles both the rock and the pocket square:

And uhhh, who IS Chris Webber's dad? :

If anyone can figure out what the heck this guy's deal is, let us know. Either way, America will be anticipating the man's next outrageous outfit. Do your thing Craig!

Whatever that means...


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