Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome Antoine Cason

Here's a sweet highlight package of new Chargers draft pick Antoine Cason put together by a U of AZ fan on YouTube, including the two touchdowns he scored en route to an upset of U$C last year.

And of course, your Inspirational Sports Quote of the Day:

"I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that."

-Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Detriot Tigers


Red said...

The Inspirational Quotes are my favorite.

Dave H said...

Well, as long they inspire you to carpe diem and all that bullshit.

Mathdude said...

Your Padres currently have the worst record in MLB. WTF, even the Giants have a better record.

I took your advice and dumped Germano on my fantasy team and picked up Max Scherzer of the Diamondbacks. Pretty savvy, huh?

Dave H said...

Oh wow, dropping Germano for Scherzer is genius. I was too busy working and missed out on him.

Looks like I should be taking YOUR fantasy advice, Mathdude, my team sucks almost as bad as the Padres right now.