Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Terrific Tuesday Links

Chris Paul: MVP candidate and Professional Bowling Association spokesman

-The Fleur de Bee is in full effect, as the Hornets go up on the Spurs 2-0 thanks to some hot shooting by Peja Stojakavic and intense play off the bench from Julian Wright. [Hornets247.com]

-Tired of plain old adult league softball? Well "Vintage" baseball leagues are catching on accross the country, with some 250 teams already in existance. Gloves and batting helmets? Those are pretty much for sissies. [NPR.org]

-The new Nike Michael Jordan commercial seemed to strike a nerve with a lot of hoops fans, myself included. [LABallTalk.com]

-Is "Moneyball" still a viable strategy, since so many other teams are employing it now? Evidence has been mounting that since high OPS players are now valued around baseball, those players are no longer cost efficeint, but the exact opposite. One team that has capitalized on this trend is the Dodgers, whose young and talented roster is made up of "anti-Moneyballers," athletic players with little to no college experience and prefer hits and steals to solely walks and home runs. The first place Diamonbacks have built a similar roster. It should also be noted that the Padres own the worst record in the majors, and are run by Moneyball "pioneer" and A's co-executive Sandy Alderson.[Marketplace Public Radio, Sign on San Diego.com]

-The Hawks couldn't finish off the Celtics on the road, but they did try and get some of Golden State's upset Karma from last year by handing out the Warriors' "We Believe" shirts to the team, as the Dubs and their fans sported them last year's eight-vs-one seed upset of the Maverics. Boston now moves on to face the Cleveland LeBrons after that grueling series. The last team to face an elimination game in round one and go on to win the title was the 2001 Lakers; no team has done it since 2003 when the round was expanded to best of seven. [Golden State of Mind]

-Barry Zito, demoted to the bullpen. If you wish to join Giants fans in "bashing the hippie," you may do so here. [Splash Blog]

-After playing the AFC Championship game with a torn ankle ligament, Philip Rivers is in minicamp and looking like he is on the road to recovery. LT says he's 100 percent recovered from his grade 2 MCL strain and went through individual drills. Antonio Gates plans to test his toe in a couple of weeks. [Bolt Talk]

And, of course, your Inspirational Quote of the Day:

“If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball.”

-Current Lakers and Nine-time NBA Championship coach Phil Jackson

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