Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sports Logo Bracketology - West Regionals

If you have spent more than 10 seconds on ESPN, or any channel for that matter, you know that our culture is not satisfied unless we rank, poke, prod, evaluate, analyze, or debate a statistic, team, or useless fact.

That being said, welcome to my All-Time Sports Team Logo Bracket, split into 4 regions (West, Midwest, South, North). 8 teams/4 regions = 32 of team representations; and I'll leave it up to you to decide how some of these actually passed owner approval. I am bucking the system and its east coast bias, and beginning with my Wild Wild West regional. May the best graphic designer win...

Many thanks to Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Page for the logo resource. Hook this brother up... he needs to raise $63.99 by June 1, 2008, or they will shut down his site. If eBay hadn't locked down my PayPal account due to my chronic late-night drunk bidding on items I later forget about, I would myself.



A smiling, dribbling, waving acorn? Why the hell not? Or is Mr. Nut running from a spray of rival gang fire? Only in Oakland is there a drug gang named The Acorns...I kid you not!



Love them, or hate them, the Raiders have had an unchanged logo for nearly their entire existence, and it still holds up strong. May Cube, Eazy (RIP), and the rest of NWA tip their foe-tay in honor of their logo of choice.

WINNER: First game, first upset! My mom made me return my Raiders starter parka in the 6th grade because she was worried I would be mixed up in the wrong crowd. Now, I write for a blog.

A priest wearing Birkenstocks, no pants, and wielding a weapon with a Jesus Juice grin? Interesting... and I'm buying it. Unfortunately Padre Pete could learn a tip or two from Tony Gwynn as he is clearly not keeping his head down through his swing.



Expansion Team Teal? Check. Menacing Hockey Sticks Wrapped In Battle-Worn Tape? Check. Obvious Corporate Influence? Double-Check. Can't help but notice that the aeration on the mask resembles a point blank bulls-eye with birdshot.

WINNER: Naked priest swinging it into the next round!


Why bother putting a team name or an actual location when playing home games in Oakland, San Francisco, Daly City, and even San Diego? Simple yet curious... this logo is the pockmarked girl at the party that, for some reason, you can't keep your eyes off.



You say the ugliest logo in NHL history? I say..."indeed". Our wacky-tobacky neighbors to the north refer to this 80's influenced logo as the waffle iron, plate of spaghetti, or Star Wars logo. Lando Calrissian would never have stood for such things.

WINNER: The City is the lobed fish that eventually evolved into the Golden State moniker


I would assume Nuggets are inferred as to what is being smuggled in Maxi the Prospector's short shorts. Mark Eaton just called, he wants his beard back.



I can't claim ownership to this one: "Makes me want to play Tetris"

WINNER: What? A rainbow? What do you mean? No, honestly, I don't see the irony of this logo in the NBA.

Next Week: MidWest Regionals


Dave H said...

The NBA: Where Amazingly Bad Logos Happen

Liz said...

How can the Nuggets have gone so wrong so many times? Of course I still want t-shirts with both logos. Now.

Red said...

Don't frak with Admiral Adama.

Liz said...

Is Edward James Almos a Nuggets fan?

Dave H said...

I dunno, they probably don't get TNT or ESPN in deep space...