Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is This the One October Everyone's Been Talking About?

It's finally here...MLB playoff time. I've been telling anyone who will listen for awhile now, it will be Cubs vs. Rays in the World Series. The only team I can see spoiling my prediction are the godamned LA Angels of Anaheim. And Lord help me, if the Dodgers make the series, things will not be pretty...for anyone.

I don't care how you get there. Just get there. Just get there.


Dave H said...


Liz said...

Sox are doing their best to take care of the LAAofA for ya. Go Sox!!!

words words words said...

Unfortunately for the accuracy of your predictions, the Cubs have once again realized that they are the Cubs. And I will soon be in Dodger Stadium in a Phillies cap, wishing I understood all the Spanish curse words being yelled my way.