Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rays vs Phillies: Decisions, decisions

Well, it took a little longer than I originally thought, but the inevitable has come to pass: It’s the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 World Series.

Because I know the biggest question on your mind right now is, “How does Liz feel about this?” I’ll tell you: I’m perplexed. See, generally, I root for whichever team beat mine (unless it’s the Yankees) because my feeling is, if you got beat by the best team, the loss is easier to take.

So this would lead me to supporting the Rays. Also, I tend to root for the American League team in the World Series (again, unless it’s the Yankees), so that too would lend itself to Rays support.

But, I have often said that if I were suddenly given the power of the Sports Gods, I would give championships to Cleveland, San Diego and Philadelphia, in that order. The Phillies are an old school team and Philadelphia hasn’t won a championship since the Phils raised the banner in ’80, so in some regards, I want to root for them.

What are you all’s thoughts? With whom should I side? I’ll do whatever you tell me, Pink Hat Nation. I always do.

[Side note: I appreciate the condolence messages I've received about my Red Sox, but I’m doing OK. Game 7 against the Rays was not a sucker-punch loss like the Boone, Buckner or Dent games. Plus, no losses feel epic anymore since we finally won a World Series in the post-WWI era. Red Sox Nation is a different place these days, and all things considered, we’re doing just fine].


Red said...

Go, Rays, Go!

words words words said...

Go, Rays, Go!

(My teams never win, so I'm trying the George Costanza "opposite theory")

Dave H said...

Please, do not root for Philly fan. They were here in the Bay for te Eagles game two weeks ago and I can only imagine the hell that would be unleashed...

words words words said...

But Dave, that's why you should want us to win! If you starve the lions in the zoo, they'll start freaking out. Throw them a steak, and they'll calm down.

Dave H said...

Uhhhh, yeah Francis, that worked out REALLY well with New York and Boston.

No steaks for Philly. Ever. Unless the Flyers win the Stanley Cup, that would be OK.