Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SDSU Grads, gotta love 'em

This one has been all over Deadspin and what not, but I think this is something worthy of sharing with our small (but dedicated) enclave of readers.

The following photo of rookie Patriots QB Kevin O'Connell was likely taken during some kind of hazing ritual, but actually published in the Boston Globe. The picture was later retracted for obvious reasons:

Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

Props to Aztec students and grads for keeping us continually entertained with their sophomoric idiocy (Marshall Faulk and Fred Dreyer excluded) !

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Liz said...

Hehe, I read about this. Yeah, the Globe had to retract it. I guess the O Line put it on there before practice and O'Connel didn't notice until he thrown some warm up passes and then looked down at his play card. Apparently he laughed heartily - good to know he has a sense of humor.