Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The last (hopefully) on "Bili-cheater-camera-tape-whatver the f*ck" Gate


Red said...

Is that for real?!?! Hilarious

Liz said...

Oh New York Post, you're always good for a laugh. Sadly I don't think this is going away for a while. Bill Simmons has written some pretty good stuff about this (I think). Check him out if you're curious. www.espn.com

Dave H said...

I dunno, Simmons had some pretty uniformed opinons, especially calling the 49ers "cap cheaters."

His new mission might be to tear down each previous NFL dynasty on his "column," starting with SF, and crown his team the greatest ever. (Cue maniacal beta-male laugh, whatever that sounds like).

d'licious as Bill Simmons said...

My name is Bill Simmons. I love the Patriots. If the Patriots were a color it would be rainbow. I love the Red Sox, if the Red Sox were an animal they would be a magical unicorn that spreads happiness through all the land. If you dont bow down to the perfection that is the Red Sox or the Patriots, then God will sentence you to eternal damnation in hell.


Bill Simmons