Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weddle me this, Weddle me that

The first day of NFL football saw much of America in a drunken stupor before "normal" people made it out of their Sunday service for punch and generic brand Oreo cookies. I was busy worshipping an admittedly false idol by the name of Eric Weddle. Yet my ebay jersey had not arrived, and I wondered if this would have some kind of negative karmic impact on E-Dub's performance. Another auspicious decision was benching him on my co-managed fantasy league in favor of the Madbacker, Bart Scott. The force known as Weddle-Mania was about to be put to the test.

Thankfully, Eric had an impressvie debut in the Chargers victory over the Bears. He put pressure on Grossman by blitzing (even racking up his first NFL sack), provided solid coverage on 3rd downs and limited receivers yards after the catch. Even Peter King gave the boy props in his column as a "not good, but great addition" to the Bolts. Shocking, as Weddle involves niether Mike Vick, Roger Goddell, the Patriots, Jacoby Ellsbury or Starbucks coffee.

But of course, you're nobody until someone makes a fake myspace page of you. Next up this Sunday night is the Revenge Game against Tom Moynahan, Benedict Seau, Hormone Growth Harrison and company. As an answer to Ellis "Sorriest Corner in the League" Hobbs doing the Lights Out dance on our 50 yard line after last year's playoff loss, I am told that the if Chargers win, Aaron Boone will come out bearing all 26 Yankees World Series rings and dine on a McLobster sandwhich at midfield

This isn't just regular Chargers fever, my crotch itches way more than usual. Justice will be swift and merciless, GO BOLTS!

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