Friday, September 7, 2007

Season 2

The Sports Gal is back! I am so excited about this. If you don't know, Bill Simmons is pretty much the most read sports columnist on the web (I have no actual facts to back this up...I'm just guessing) and last year he decided he wanted his wife to pick the winners each week during the football season and see which of them picked more winners in the end. She agreed with the condition she could rant about whatever she wanted each week without edit (this week she takes on celebs finding Jesus and Cameron Diaz - scroll down for her rant - she is hilarious). Of course, last year she ended up picking more winners than Bill (proving hard core football analysis is worthless...just kidding) and now she is back for another season. I hope she wins again.

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Liz said...


And she's already off to a bang-up start: "On a lighter note, I want to challenge Cameron Diaz to a cage fight."