Monday, November 12, 2007

Boltin' the Colt .... in's

The other two citizens of Pink Hat Nation got the day off for Veteran’s Day (just another reason you should get a government or quasi-government job, kids) so I’ll take it upon my hard-laboring self to say, “YAY CHARGERS! TAKE THAT PEYTON MANNING!!”

Though the Patriots are my one true love when it comes to the NFL, I like to flirt with the Chargers since I’m living in their city, and yesterday they pulled off a much needed win against the “mighty” Colts. Actually, the Chargers defense pulled off a much needed win; their offense did everything they could to cough up the game. After going up 23-0 in the first half, the Colts put up 21 in the second and despite 6(!) Manning interceptions, the Chargers couldn’t get anything else done. Luckily, Adam Vinatieri shanked a field goal late in the 4th quarter and the Colts couldn’t catch up.

So now the Chargers are 5-4. Best in the West! Erik Weddle had a decent game, so expect more (and better) analysis from Dave later this week.


Dave H said...

Nice! Actually saw 4 or 5 Weddle jerseys at the game, so Weddle-mania is growing.

The pink Manning jerseys were out, too, though.

Ted E. Bear said...

That's Eric Weddle...pat's fan