Thursday, November 1, 2007

Marshawn's Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)

The city of Buffalo has been dumped on over the years for their bad/choking sports teams, and the verdict over at Rumors & Rants is is that Buffalo reigns supreme as "America's Biggest Sports Loser." Even off the field, ex-Bills running back(and former University of Miami star) Willis McGahee slammed the Buffalo scene, implying that places like Applebee's and Dave & Busters are not suitable establishments for an athlete of his caliber.

While South Beach it's not, NEW Bills running back Marshawn Lynch proves that there are few places in America more happening than Buffalo in this ESPN "Mayne Event" segment that a Rochester fan put up on youtube. Usually, I think these segments are contrived and boring, but this is one of the few that's entertaining, largely because Marshawn gets to be Marshawn.

There is no better ambassador of Hyphy to upstate New York, and without further or due, we present both his latest, and greatest:

The Mayne Event. This guy must have an S load of tickets.

Gettin his swerve on in celebration of a big win over Washington. Homeboy tried to Ghost Ride the Whip, but it's hard to put maintanance carts in neutral, apparently.

Ladies of Buffalo, cop that rookie card!

Hope you enjoy, and happy Thursday everyone.


Red said...

That guy is hilarious. I can't believe Buffalo has a Dave and Busters!

Dave H said...

Haha, apparently they needed one.