Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kakkoii!* But maybe not.

It was announced today that the 2008 MLB season will begin in Japan with a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland A's at the Tokyo Dome. The part of me that loves the Olympics and went to all three San Diego games of the World Baseball Classic thinks this is a really cool idea. The part of me that doesn't want my team to start the season with two 13-hour flights kind of hates it. I've heard the players aren't too jazzed, but ballplayers whine about everything. I guess we'll just have to see.

*According to, kakkoii means "cool" in Japanese. Apologies to any Japanese speakers if I'm wrong.


Red said...

You went to all three games of the WBC?!??! That's awesome

Red said...

And it looks like the Padres may play some Spring Training games in China. Next we'll start sending our guys over there instead of the other way around

Liz said...

To your first response: Yes I did. And it was awesome.

To your second: China?!? Crazy yo.