Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quick Hit of the Day: NFL Coaching Trees

Don Coryell, inventor of the "Short Shorts, Long Passes" offense

As a connoisseur of flowcharts, graphics, pie charts, Venn diagrams and the like, I was curious to see what existed on the web as far as visual representations of the various NFL coaching trees. Surprisingly little, as it turned out. The Bill Walsh tree (derived from Paul Brown) found on Wikipedia is perhaps the most impressive, and includes some unlikely names such as Jack Del Rio and Bruce Coslett. Also included are the Schottenheimer and Parcells trees.

Notable omissions per the article are Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, Chuck Noll, Chuck Knox and Joe Gibbs (who, along with Mike Martz are from the Don Coryell tree).

Below is small Chuck Noll tree to be found on, which seems to skip over Schottenheimer:

Overall, I am highly disappointed by the half-ass google web and image search I conducted. Anyone in the blogosphere that has a more comprehensive tree, please post it, so I don't have to photoshop it myself.

Peace out, Obama 4 prez.

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