Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Major League Baseball: Now Hiring...

For those who have not visited Minnesota Twin side-arm reliever Patt Neshek's website, it is really worth checking out. Whether or not you are a fan of baseball, Mr. Neshek's page is filled with all kinds of interesting odds-and-ends about playing in the big leagues, and life as a professional athlete in general. And if you are a sports trading card enthusiast, Pat is more than willing to trade with you via snail mail!

Anyways, Pat has been cool enough to post the initial "job applications" he filled out when "applying" to be a major leaguer. Here is a page from his Baltimore Orioles application (with a few more to be found on his site):

No wonder the Orioles suck, even in 2002 they were wasting time with typewriters. And see Mom, people who don't use white-out CAN be successful!

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