Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK Link-o-Rama

Thanks to Philip Rivers for a balls out post-season

-Peter King dissects the Patriots/Giants Super Bowl, gives Philip Rivers props for playing without an ACL, and recommends Wolfgang Puck's new dark roast coffee. He also gives thumbs up to the Tilted Kilt, a franchise brewpub where waitresses dress like Scottish whores. Very intriguing...[CNNSI.com]

-For NFL draft junkies, things are getting exciting with the Senior Bowl coming up. In the early stages, it looks like the Chargers may have interest in (among others) Virginia Tech wideout Eddie Royal and UC Berkley safety Thomas DeCoud. [BoltHype]

-Donald Sterling admits what every Clippers fan (and yes, they DO exist) already knows: he's a shitty owner. [Construda]

-Gaucho hoops update: Alex Harris goes nuts again, this time dropping 31 points and five threes on Cal Poly, keeping them above .500 in conferance at 3-2. They continue with conference play, hosting Pacific and UC Davis back-to-back at the Thunderdome. [UCSBGauchos.com]

-A clerical error made by the Golden State Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart left 6th man/thug Matt Barnes out of the lineup. The Dubs still defeated the Bucks, and Barnes got a chance to fill up on appetizers. [SFGate.com]

-A new big wave champion was crowed at the 2008 Maverick's Surf Contest. All the face-melting highlights to be found here. [MavericksSurf.com]

-And on a final, tragic note, Kenyan marathoner Wes Ngetich died in his home country of Kenya today. He was shot in the chest with an arrow, apparently caught in the crossfire of rival tribe violence. [The Final Sprint]

Hope everyone had a great MLK day. Love instead of hate, for reals.


Red said...

You and your UCSB updates...

Dave H said...

"Hi, my name is Dave, and I'm a Guachoholic"