Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boot it!

Maybe it’s the growing possibility that we’ll all be out of work in a few months because the economy is tanking. Maybe it’s the fact that my allergies are making me constantly feel like I have to vomit. Hell, maybe I’ve just had the New England Sports Madness bleached out of me by the persistent California sun. Whatever it is: I’m really embarrassed by my brethren right now.

By “my brethren” I’m referring to other Boston sports fans, who are currently having a collective conniption fit because Tom Brady was spotted in New York with one of those temporary cast boots on his foot. Everyone is freaking out that (A) he might be hurt and (B) while hurt, he’s cavorting with Giselle the Supermodel rather than getting fixed.

To which I say: Get a life.

The Patriots organization has invested millions in Tom Brady over the past decade, and if he were really hurt, they would make him stay in Foxboro and get treatment. Plus, Tom Brady himself really, really wants to win the Super Bowl. Believe me sports fans, no one wants this perfect season more than he does. If his foot were hurt, he wouldn’t be out on it.

The thing that’s really bugging me though is how much people (including New Englanders) get on Brady for dating Giselle. The guy’s won three Super Bowls, owns the single season touchdown pass record, and is really good looking. In short, he is a superstar. And that’s what superstars do – date other superstars. Does it look bad that he broke up with other girlfriend shortly before it came out that she was preggers? Yes. But you know what? That happens. He took responsibility for it, was there at the birth and everything. I doubt he’s the only player in the NFL to have a baby with a woman he’s not dating anymore.

The Patriots have two weeks before the Super Bowl. The players aren’t expected to be back with the team until later this week. Until then, they are supposed to take time and rest and clear their heads. I have actually heard that Brady lives in New York, so he’s just going home, and while there, spending some time with his girlfriend. Yes, his girlfriend is a supermodel. What, would you prefer he was dating you, Joe Patriot Fan?
I hate to say it, but you all look like provincial imbeciles. So Brady is banged up. He does, after all, play football for a living. And so he’s dating a model. He is, after all, a famous guy. Let’s all relax, comb through the Want Ads for more secure employment and say a prayer for Heath Ledger. There are way more important things going on in the world right now folks.


Dave H said...

Time for ESPN to fire up the "Bootgate" coverage.

Liz said...

I'm sure it already has its own graphics and theme music

Red said...

I'm proud of you Liz. Way to give the world a little perspective.

As much as it pains me, I say, Go Patriots! Make Eli Manning cry...please?

Dave H said...

Guess who looks like an idiot now?

Tiki Barber