Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Free Candy here, just Links

Peja Stojakovic and his Gypsy Pirate Whore of a wife enjoyed Halloween at the Palms in 2006. Maybe this year he will dress as an NBA player who actually plays defense?

-A 2007-08 preview of every single NBA player. Can't wait for Bob Sura to posterize Shaq. [Free Darko]

-Did Grant Fuhr steal his 29 year old son's record collection? Or maybe he just thinks Brandon Boyd is hot? []

-Nothing to do with sports, but sheepskin sandals sound like a great idea. [Bonsai Sheepskin]

-Your 2008 Bulter University hoops preview. For everyone who needs their daily dose of AJ Graves. [Construda]

-Free agent ceterfielder Mike Cameron is a stim junkie. [FanHouse]

-De Cort Shee-leeng (Curt Schilling, in non-Dominican) has a list of teams he would like to play for. Yes, we all have to care, it's the law. [38 Pitches]

Happy Halloween everyone!


Red said...

Stim-junkie. Say it ain't so, Mike!

Dave H said...

Could be good for the Padres, maybe because of this he will re-sign at a discount.