Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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I like these uniforms better than the navy & sand.

-Surprise, surprise, Monday Night Football actually had a good, exciting game on this past week. In case you missed it, DeSean Jackson pulled pretty much what will be the dumbest play of the year, throwing away a touchdown by celebrating too early. And it's not the first time for him, either, check the clip out. [You Been Blinded]

-Rather new to the blogosphere, SportsRoids brings you their Top 5 Sports Related Fights. If you haven't seen Jim Rome get beat down on live camera by Jim Everett, it's a must see. Lots of other good stuff here, especially for fantasy players and NFL fans in general. [SportsRoids]

-Tim Duncan has apparently been forwarding e-mails about the Large Hadron Collider to teammates. [Onion Sports]

-Should the Mountain West conference receive an automatic BCS bid? An 18-8 overall BCS Bowl record isn't a bad argument. [MWC Football]

-In case you missed it, U$C laid the smack-down on Ohio State last Saturday. Buckeyes' quarterback Todd Boeckman lays his feelings prostrate in a Dear Diary entry. Oh well, see you in Craig Krenzel-ville, Todd! [In The Bleachers],

-A San Francisco high school football coach has devised an offense known as the "A-11," in which seven potential receivers are on the field for any given play. Sounds pretty nuts, but apparently does it not only work, it decreased the risk of offensive players' injury. [NPR Sports]

-And finally, we have Padres rookies dressed up like Hooters girls. I agree with Jose Canseco in his book Juiced, that "the food there is quite good." [Gaslamp Ball]

Wanna watch a Ron Artest video with Mike Jones? You do? OK, well here you go. Have a great weekend everyone! :


ted said...

You gotta check out this George Brett clip making the rounds. It puts his old preparation h commercials to shame.

Dave H said...


"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Time Warner Cable "