Friday, September 12, 2008

Everybody meet Timz...

Timz > P.O.D.

Sunday's Chargers game is a big one, as it's the Bolts first re-match with the Denver Donkeys since the infamous "Rivers-Cutler Smack-Talking-Gate" incident last season. So here's just a little pre-Sunday hype for the SD fans here, with a twist of local music. The San Diego born rapper known as Timz is one of the few Iraqi-American (Chaldian, specifically) rap artists getting attention these days. In 2006, his "Super Chargers" was aired on local cable television, and since then he's dropped his first full-length entitled "Open For Business" and a 2007 Chargers Remix:

Here's another interesting clip of him on Hannity & Colmes (with Chuck Norris guest hosting, how random is that?) discussing the political nature of his album and the situation in Iraq:

Well that's it for now, everyone enjoy their NFL/NCAA football weekend. Don't drink and drive, practice safe sex, consume quaaludes in moderation blah blah blah.

"You can't have pleasure if you don't have pain, well we've had it now let's have matter who you got he is not LT, he's not twenty-one let me see his ID"



Red said...

I would bet a trillion dollars this guy grew up in RSD.

Dave H said...

You are now a trillionaire.

words words words said...

As long as you're a trillionaire, can I have some money please?