Monday, September 22, 2008

On leaving early

The Patriots lost yesterday. Bad. I won’t dwell on it, because no one wants to hear about it: Pats fans don't because it was brutal, and no one else does because they’re sick of the Patriots and think they had a big loss coming.

But this isn’t about the loss. This is about the Gillette Stadium faithful’s reaction to the loss. By the time the 4th quarter rolled around, and Ronnie Brown got to know the end zone better than Pacman Jones knows the strip clubs of greater Dallas, Patriots fans were streaming for the exits. The Razor was practically emptied by game’s end.

I hate this. I hate it when fans do this. Especially New England fans, who pride themselves on sticking with their teams through thick and thin (even they historically haven’t, as I’ve mentioned before). There’s an old Christian saying that you don’t ask God “Why me?” when good things happen to you, so you shouldn’t ask it when bad things happen. I think this applies to sports fans too. Besides, leaving early is for fans in Los Angeles and Florida, who New England fans are always making fun of.

Yes, the Patriots laid an egg and stunk up the joint like we haven’t seen since the Tony Eason era. But you’ve still got to stick it out and support your team. Especially a team like the Pats that’s been so great this decade. Of course there’s the rational that you should stay because you could miss the greatest comeback ever, but more realistically, you should stay to support your team, who, believe it or not, are arguably feeling crappier than you are.
And don't even get me started on the fans who booed the team after the first half...


Dave H said...

Yeah, that's kinda sad considering the fans' attitude just 12 months ago.

"Over time....I've been building my Cassell of looooove"

In case anyone needs Stevie the reference:

ted said...

"the sorrrrrriest corner in the league" agrees with you

Dave H said...

As does Benjamin "Don't call me Randy" Watson..

words words words said...

It's human nature. When you get used to nothing but Super Bowls, getting pasted by the Dolphins has to be a shock. I actually feel your pain, too...Ronnie Brown beat my fantasy team all by himself.