Monday, April 7, 2008

Heath Bell for Closer Vol. 3

This is getting ridiculous. Trevor blew another save yesterday. I'm not even a full-time Padres fan and I'm getting frustrated by this. They've got to get rid of him. As I see it, there's three ways it can go down:

1) Bud Black quietly stops sending him out there. Heath Bell comes out in the 8th, and stays through the 9th. More subtle than just sending Bell out in the 9th.

B) Sometime next week, it's announced that Trevor has an "injury" and ends up missing pretty much the entire rest of the season. Bell takes over as closer.

3rd) Black very un-subtley just sends Bell out for the 9th. Maybe even has them play "Hell's Bells" while Trevor sits on the bench. This results in Bud Black mysteriously driving his car off the Coronado Bridge one night. The new manager hastily puts Trevor back in the lineup.

I'm leaning toward option 2 myself, though the last one would be pretty dramatic. It might - might - even end up on Sports Center. But probably not.

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Red said...

The worst part about yesterday is it wasn't even a save situation! Trevor had no business being out there. Ugh! This is so frustrating!!!