Friday, April 11, 2008

My Dinner With Michael Barrett

Okay, fine. My Dinner Next to Michael Barrett.

Wednesday night, a friend and I went to watch the Padres game at Seau's (judge if you must) and joining us in the booth next door was the Padres #2 catcher, Michael Barrett. It took me a few minutes to really believe it was him (the scar under his right eye finally convinced me for sure). So, of course, I spent the entire evening eavesdropping on him and making loud pronouncements about how he totally tagged out Matt Holiday (who never touched the plate!) during the tiebreaker game last year. Here's what I learned about Barrett:

1. He thinks Khalil is weird, too: At one point he said, "Sometimes I don't understand what Khalil is thinking." Join the club, buddy.

2. He gets really annoyed when the Pads leave guys on base: The stars are just like us!

3. He's gonna have an even harder time throwing guys out when he comes of the DL: Great. Like we don't have enough issues with that.

4. His kids are really cute: You know, if you care about stuff like that.

5. He and his wife don't talk much: The stars are just like us!!

That's about it. He was really into the game, but his wife made him leave before it was over (and Heath Bell blew it). He wasn't very friendly, but he did smile at me as he walked out. At least he didn't punch me in the face.


Mathdude said...

Did you ask him how A. J. Pierzynski is doing these days?

Dave H said...

Khalil is on a higher astral plane, that's all.

Liz said...

Did he grumble about Trevor?

Red said...

No, but I did say quite loudly, "Heath Bell for Closer!" a few times. Maybe he'll report back to Bud.

Mathdude said...

I got Young and Germaine on my fantasy team. Any insights on them that as a hometowner you'd be privy to?

Dave H said...

You should definately hold onto Young, even though he just got shelled. Doesn't pictch well at Dodger stadium for some reason.

Germano will run out of luck eventually, his stuff isn't that good. Plus when Mark Prior supposedly comes back in July he might get sent to the bullpen or AAA. Maybe trading him now is a good move.