Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heath Bell for Closer Vol. 4: Maybe Not

After seeing the extent of Trevor's job security, apparently the rest of the Padres bullpen has decided, "If you can't replace 'em, join 'em."

One night after Cla Meredith gave up a walkoff homerun, PHN favorite Heath Bell coughed up the game Wednesday night. It wasn't a save situation, he came out with the game tied, but it is evidence that maybe the Titan from Tustin isn't quite as equipped to take over Trevor Time as we thought.

So now what? Where have you gone Scott Linebrink? San Diego turns its lonely eyes to you.


Dave H said...

Bell did OK, considering he went for 2 innings.

Old man Edmonds could have caught that ball but his Flomax didn't kick in soon enough.

Linebrink REALLY sucks, though. Is there a worse 8-9 inning combo than him and Gagne?

Red said...

Edmonds is Old! More like, where have you gone, Mike Cameron?