Friday, April 18, 2008

The other Hoffman blows one

This guy's probably out.

Any good baseball coach will tell you, "DO NOT MAKE THE FIRST OUT AT THIRD BASE." A man on second with no outs is practically money in the bank if all you need is one run to win a game. Move him over with a bunt, get a sacrifice or a hit in the next two at bats, and you've pushed the runner across the dish. Just don't do anything stupid. Don't get caught stealing, and don't get thrown out stretching a double into a triple. This is exactly what happened in last night's 22-inning torturous debacle of a baseball game at Petco:

The Padres blew a golden opportunity to win the game in the bottom of the 13th.

McAnulty led off the inning with a double into the right field corner.At least he should of stopped with a double. McAnulty, who was looking at third base coach Glenn Hoffman as he rounded second, tried for a triple and was thrown out at third.

Just a complete bonehead decision. All Hoffmans should be fired. McAnulty should know better, but he gets a pass for the play being behind his back in right. Far be it for me to accuse the Padres of nepotism by employing "Glenn" as their third base coach, but I will anyways. The issue here really is accountability. If the Padres finish in fourth this year, or even worse, the organization puts out a vanilla product that plays 4 months of largely boring and uninspired baseball, will there be changes? Absolutely not. It'll be another year of veteran fill-ins, a sputtering offense, overhyped prospects and great Jake Peavy starts going to waste.

Oh yeah, and what kind of franchise decides not to give away ANY bobbleheads? Retards.

I want our new stadium to have a steadfast foundation of imported Asian sandstone and perpetual mediocrity.


Red said...

God. Did the Hoffman brothers sign some deal with, like, LA to just screw over San Diego? Bastards.

Liz said...

OMG I was screaming at my TV while McNulty (that's his name as far as I'm concerned) was stretching that into a tripple: "What are you doing?? Stop!! Your paunch hangs over your belt! You have porky pig legs! There is no way you're getting to third! STOPPPPP!"


Dave H said...

Hahaha, yeah, the guy does not have the grace of an olympic sprinter, that for sure.

I still mostly blame Hoffman. If you look back at it, McNulty slowed down going into second, then saw Hoffman waving him and was like "WTF? OK, I guess I'll go."

Soooo dumb