Monday, October 22, 2007

A Call to the Nation

This is a contest, kind of. If anyone out there will be in attendance of a major event such as the Series, college football or anything else, we want your digital camera or crappy cell phone pictures of these people.

Pink Hatters, Band-wagoners, Weak Sauce Fans, whatever you want to call them. Any team, any stadium. The weirder, funnier and lamer, the better. I want to see these people choking on their lattes and garlic fries. Figuratively, of course.

Pretty much anything will be posted, and obviously you'll get a shout out, plus some brief (and HIGHLY coveted) blog-fame.

Just click on Dave H, and shoot it over. This might be fun.


d'licious said...

How about a picture of Tom Brady fellating Randy Moss. Would that be something you would be interested in?

Dave H said...

Oh, for sure.

Also looking for a picture of Bruschi slipping Wes Welker some tongue.