Monday, October 8, 2007

Come on Cleveland!

The Cleveland Indians cannot dispose of the New York Yankees fast enough.

All the MLB division league series wrapped up quickly with sweeps (Arizona over Chicago, Colorado over Philadelphia, Boston over Anaheim (yeee!)) and Cleveland stood to take theirs just as quickly, going up two games to none over NY. But then, of course, the Bronx Bastards had to come back and take game three.

Cleveland needs to win this for two reasons: 1) The Red Sox have played them better this year, and (2) for non-selfish reasons, the city of Cleveland deserves it. That city hasn’t had a sports team win a championship since the Browns won the 1964 NFL championship, which no one even counts anymore because it was pre-Super Bowl. On Thursday at the ALDS opener, Cavaliers forward LeBron James, the face of their city and an Ohio native was prominently seen wearing a Yankees cap. The Indians were once so bad they were the obvious choice to play the horrendous ball club in Major League. Cleveland sports fans have suffered a lot of heartbreak over the years but they still come out in force to support their teams. The Indians need to beat the Yankees.

After which, they need to fall promptly to the Red Sox in the ALCS.


Red said...

I was so bummed they didn't sweep the Yankees. Good games this weekend though. I think they will wrap it up tonight.

I've revised my picks for the WS...I think it will be Red Sox/Rockies and, sorry Liz, I hope the Rockies win it all. Then the Padres could possibly be the second best team (in my mind anyway).

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but I have a serious crush on Joba Chamberlin...

Liz said...

Really, Joba? Really? Can't get on board with you there, and not just 'cause he's a Yankee. He looks like he pushed a lot of people into lockers during his formative years.