Friday, October 12, 2007

That clever Peter King

Last week on HBO's Inside the NFL, pro football and Starbucks guru Peter King reported that Cowboys head coach Wade Phillps was quoted as saying, in effect, the Patriots Super Bowl victories were tainted by NE Coach (as he is known on Madden per Mr. Belichick's request not to be included in the game) and his "misinterpretation of the rules."

Now Wade's World has come out to say that he was misquoted, and goaded into making derrogatory statements about said Super Bowl team. First of all, trying to decipher the agendas of the New England Sports Media Sewing Circle can get quite complicated when extreme homerism comes into conflict with moral superiority, but that's a question for us to ask and Dan Shaughnessy to answer. Why PK is scrounging up material to blast Tom Moynihan and Co. when all he's done in recent weeks is continue to gush about them, who knows? But the conversation probably went something like this:

PK: So Wade, how great is Amtrak?

Wade: Huh?
PK: When Jerry Jones gets an unsighly wrinkle on his forehead that requires laser treatment, isn't that Norv Turner's fault?

Wade: What? Oh yeah, everything is Norv's fault.

PK: Patriot-gate.

Wade: That's not really a question. And I could probably hear you better without a bear claw in your mouth.

PK: OK, let me re-phrase. Yes or No?

Wade: Ummmm, if you're asking me if I want that Manny Delcarman bobblehead you're holding, the answer is no. Did they even give those away, or did you make it yourself?

PK: Can I print that?

Wade: I guess so.

PK: Cool. See you tonight at the indian casino for the Sheryl Crow concert, right?

Wade: F*ck ya. And pick me up a triple mocha latte. With some biz-natches!

PK: LOL, That's my dawg.
Wade: Did you just say LOL instead of acutally laughing?
PK: Yeah, all the kids are doing it.

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Red said...

Dude. That is hilarious.