Sunday, October 21, 2007

Images of Sports Things that Happened Recently

UCLA upsets Cal. How did these guys lose to Notre Dame?

Everyone hearts Kobe!

PJ Carlissimo, still sporting the casual blazer look.

Mark Mangino and Kansas, undefeated and hungry for a BCS berth.

Brokeback Brady in his new Stetson ad.

Charlie Weis aka Mega Maid has reversed the Notre Dame football program from "Suck" to "Blow." These games are really fun to watch.

Auburn chokes one away at the end to LSU, despite the good karma generated by a kitten in this chick's brazier.


Red said...

That poor kitty...

Liz said...

Actually that "Brokeback" pic of Brady is old. From a GQ photo spread or something. His Stetson ads are different.

But you're right, the goat pic is totally gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dave H said...

Cool, someone randomly had it labeled from Stetson.

The petting gloves really put it over the top. Not that there's anything wrong with petting goats in your spare time.