Monday, October 29, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, You can put him on the Board

First the Texans, then POD for that stupid Chargers theme song that lost the playoff game for us.

That's right, interception numero uno for Eric Weddle. Sage Roselfels, thanks for the dying quail out of your own endzone. Somehow there's no picture of this on the Chargers website or Yahoo, so if anyone finds one, please send it so it can be posted. But Arnold in Bolts gear is ALMOST equally as awesome.

So Dean, if your daughter is Alyssa Milano, and she ever gets kidnapped, hunt the guy down and impale him with a lead pipe.

In celebration, here is a great, great video about the University of Utah's Pro Day, where NFL scouts work-out players. Just goes to show you that a lot of hard work goes in before guys take the field on Sundays, and not a lot separate those who make the cut and those who go back to working at Kroger's.

And Belichik, if you're listening, don't ever offer to pay for my drinks, 'cause I'll run up the tab like you run up the score.

ZING!!!! I'll be here all week.

And is it possible that everything is coming up Norv-alous?

Yay, my fantasy team won this week! What's the pot this year, anyways?

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