Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Round Two!

The Indians pulled through and now we can move on to the next round of the playoffs. Major League Baseball does their playoffs right, don’t you think? First round, best of five series, second round and finals, best of seven. I’ve heard MLB wants to change it to best of seven series for all three rounds, probably to recoup more ad revenue, but I really hope they don’t. The NBA and NHL playoffs go on for way too long.

Anyway, on to the picks!

National League
Rockies vs. Diamondbacks

The Rockies have been on a crazy tear lately and it would be cool to see them go all the way to the World Series, but I think the Diamondbacks are going to stop them

My prediction? Arizona in 6.

American League
Indians vs. Red Sox

I’ll admit that in the last round, when I picked the Angels to win, I was being somewhat superstitious. Or at least a little stitious. I felt like picking my team would jinx them. I thought the Sox had a chance against the Angels. I am still shocked at how the Angels didn’t even show up for that series, but I’d had a feeling the Sox could win it in four or five games.

The Indians, I’m not so sure about. They’re a young team with two great pitchers and a solid bullpen. They can beat you at small ball and they can beat you at American League ball. The Red Sox beat them in the regular season, but the Yankees were 6-0 against the Tribe in the regular season, so you can see how much that matters. The Sox are playing great now, probably the best baseball they’ve played all year. They have a chance. This should be a good series.

My prediction? Cleveland in 7.


Red said...

"A little stitious." God Bless Michael Scott.

I still think it's gonna be Rockies/Red Sox, though I wouldn't mind seeing Cleveland in there (sorry, Liz).

If the D-Backs go, I am done with baseball for the year

Dave H said...

Rockies win, drinks are on Dinger!