Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Playmaking 101

"Hey Beavis, look, I'm a Fart-ist. Get it? Hehehe."

Intereseting article by Frank DeFord today on NPR, about the lack of respect that sports in general receives from academia. Princeton athletic director Gary Walters argues that sport is onpar with traditional intellectual endeavors such as painting, dance and music. If an actor can major in acting, then why can't a football player major in football? And minor in weed smoking?

"Online courses are for bitches like Kobe"

You hear that, Ivy League Elitisits! Take your lofty, pointless intellectual persuits like "science" or "literature" and stuff all of it. I'm going to learn the Icky Shuffle drunk, in my socks on a hardwood floor. Now THAT'S brilliant.

Mr. Woods and his Shuffle revolutionized interperative dance in the 1980s.

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Red said...

Totally! If women can major in Home and Family Living (aka Making Mormon Babies) at BYU, then people should be able to major in sports, too.

Of course, this major kinda already exists. It's called Phys Ed.