Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEC Couch Report

No, darlin, that's not what kind of pearl necklace I was talking about

I watch SEC football on the couch on Saturdays, that's just the way it is. Pretty sure it's some kind of subconscious way of re-connecting with me grandparents, as I fondly remember those weekends in Lilian, Alabama, watching the Alabama slug it out with Auburn in the Iron Bowl. If you're ever down that way, I highly suggest cruising accross the panhandle to Perdido Bay for some fresh oysters, fried catfish or grouper, and a hearty bowl of gumbo. The "Original" Oyster House and the Perdido Pass are both great.

When asked if he rooted for the Saints or Falcons, my grandfather replied, "Son, we don't need no pro-fesh-nal team. We got the Tide."
Some random kid fishing at Perdido Pass

This weekend CBS presented us with the Florida v. Georgia game played in Jacksonville, known archaically as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." Apparently three people have died from post-game partying at this event since 2004.

As for the acutual game, it appears that Matt Stafford, Knowshon Moreno and Mohammed Massoquoi are big, sexy beasts, and they helped lead the 'Dawgs to a 42-23 upset. For the third time this season the Red Sea has failed to part for Tebow, possibly leading some to downgrade his status from "All Powerful Diety" to merely an "Olympian Harbinger of Doom."

All in all, a great experience. If nothing else, it hopefully spoiled Gator-lover Erin Andrews' day. Either way, you KNOW this guy is pissed:

*Late addendum. Don't know how I forgot to include this touchdown celebration by Georgia (in which the entire team rushes the field), but watch the whole minute and a half and you will be rewarded with a slow motion butt-dance.

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