Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Reason Baseball is Awesome

Last night, the Texas Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3. This is amazing. Can you imagine being at a game where 2 guys hit grand slams and your team scores 10 runs in one inning? Awesome!

Even more awesome: the feat was accomplished by the freaking Texas Rangers! A below .500 team (only 4 teams have a lower winning percentage in MLB) once partially owned by a coke head called Dubya, they are pretty much one of the crappiest teams in baseball. They've only had 3 winning seasons over the past 10 years. Sometimes I even forget the Astros are not the only baseball team in Texas.

This is why baseball is so awesome. One of the worst teams in baseball can set a modern day scoring record (granted it was against another pretty bad team...thank God the Orioles have the Devil Rays to make them look no-so-pathetic in the AL East) and garner tons of press and adoration...all to go back to being crap the next day. With so many games, baseball teams always keep you guessing. Your team will ALWAYS have incredible games, where they give you hope they will actually make something of themselves during the season, and they will ALWAYS have crap games, where your Hall of Fame closer blows a really important game against the toughest team in the Division (damn you, Trevor!). Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...

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Liz said...

I was just going to write a post about it, just heard. CRAZY!! I'm surprised its not a bigger story actually, probably because its two cellar dwellers.