Friday, August 24, 2007

You got served

I like dogs a lot. My allergy to their fur prevents me from loving them (that and the fact that they lick you, I don’t really like being licked) but I really do like them a lot. So I’m as appalled as anyone about the things Michael Vick apparently did to them. And I think it’s a cool example of the system working that he’s going to jail. I’m not sure how NFL contracts work, but if he’s allowed to get any of the money he was supposed to get for playing this year, I think he should have to donate almost all of it to animal shelters.

I’m just a little unnerved that his arrest on dog fighting charges is getting WAY more attention than say, Pacman Jones’ arrest for slamming a stripper’s head onto a stage, or the strong evidence that Jamal Lewis killed someone. They both got punished for these crimes (Jones got fined and suspended, Lewis served jail time for a related drug charge) but I don’t remember the coverage and public outcry being this intense. Maybe it was and I’m just remembering it wrong. Maybe it’s because Vick is a bigger star than either of those guys, I don’t know. I just know that while I like dogs, I’ve gotten more out of people in my life, I feel like it should be a bigger deal when they’re attacked.


harrington.dw said...

OJ is glad he didn't mess with dogs or strippers.

Red said...

Animals are better than people...everyone knows that

harrington.dw said...

PETA is more powerful than both the AARP and the Yakuza. Combined.