Thursday, August 16, 2007

The latest on Vasgersian and "Ozark-Gate"

Padres fans know all about Channel 4 color man Matt Vasgersian's off-mic rant on St. Louis and Cardinal fans, and may have even read his hilarious response to Awful Announcing, the blog that helped piece together his muffled swear words. Amongst other things, Matt V. decries the heat, the Rams relocation and points out that Cardinals fans should "drive their Chevys back to the Ozarks."

Well, whoever runs AA is kick ass. They've made a "Greetings From the Ozarks," t-shirt, available for $22 plus shipping. This is the cool stuff that happens when you are a "celebrity," that is down with the blogs.

On a side note, Phil Nevin is beginning to voice his displeasure with the frequency of Matt's increasingly frequent "nights off," on the Padres pre-game show. Can't say I disagree, you're the number one meathead in my book, Phil!

Thanks again to Awful Announcing, make sure to check them out.


McD said...

Maybe Vasgersian should voice his displeasure at Phil Nevin's frequent "nights off" from playing baseball.

Red said...

Haha. That's funny.

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